My Top Organization Tips

I love organization.  To do lists make my day and not only do I get a thrill from crossing something off, it really does help me keep my day moving along.  Today I am going to share with you my top organization tips and some products that I absolutely love to help me be more productive.


Agenda and Calendars

I have about 3 different calendars that I look at each day.  I use my Kate Spade Agenda, and at the beginning of each month write down any important events/appointments/birthdays in the monthly overview.  I then write those down on the individual days and schedule the individual days with whatever else I know I have going on (workout classes, a goal that I want to accomplish, etc.)  I also have a wall calendar that I keep on my refrigerator and add anything that was in the monthly overview of my agenda and any appointments or events that my husband has coming up.  That way we are both on the same page!


I seriously have a journal obsession.  I keep telling myself that I won’t buy anymore until I use the ones I already have, but it is usually a losing battle…or a win, depending on how you look at it! 😉  I break my journals down for different organizations that I am in or different areas in my life that I need to take notes on.  I have a journal for blog related info and ideas, a couple for volunteer organizations that I am with, and one that I use for personal reflection.  I am currently loving this journal from  I also love this start somewhere journal.


Power Sheets

I was introduced to Power Sheets this year, and I am in heaven.  At the beginning of the year, you work through what you want your top 10 goals to be and then for each month there is reflection and different lists to help you keep on track by dividing the steps to reach your main goals into monthly, weekly, and daily goals.  I also love how every 3 months or so, you reevaluate your 10 goals to see if they are still relevant and if not make changes!  They are currently out of stock, but you can preorder for the last 6 months of 2017!

Post It Notes

I have a bowl full of these on my desk.  Each night I write out a to do list of sorts for what I want to accomplish during the day.  I then stick it on my counter and cross off the items as the day goes on.  I put the most important things at the top and add-on some things that I would like to accomplish at the end.  What doesn’t get finished gets moved to the next day’s post it note.

I am definitely someone who needs a lot of lists to keep motivated.  Otherwise, I get a bit side tracked and end up with a lot of random projects that I complete, but not what I wanted to do in the day!  I hope these tips helped you.  I love hearing what others do to organize their lives.  If you have any tips, share them in the comments below!

January Favorites

Happy February!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe how fast January flew by.  January was a super busy but really fun month for me!  I feel so blessed to have had lots of quality time with my family over the past month.  Some of that quality time consisted of shopping trips with my mom and my mother in law.  I have been loving so many products in January and I thought I would share with you some of my favorites today!

Candle: I am obsessed with candles.  I buy new candles all of the time and typically love them all.  This month I have been loving the Voluspa Laguna candle.  It smells so good, a mix of coconut and apricot.  With the cold weather, I need a little reminder of warmer times. 😉  I also love how beautiful this candle looks and I will be keeping the jar after I finish burning it.  Possibly to store makeup brushes in?img_2286


Eye Shadow:  This month I purchased the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette from their new collection.  I love this palette SO MUCH.  First of all, it smells like chocolate and that is just amazing.  I also love how small and compact the actual palette is.  It is so perfect for travel and easily fits in my makeup/carry on bag.  It consists of 11 colors, so this is all I really need to take with me, which is so great, considering I have a habit of over packing.

img_2281The colors are mostly pastels and nudes with a black color as well.  My favorite colors are Exotica, which is like a rose gold shimmer; Indulge, which is a silvery shimmer; and Sugared Raisin, which is a slightly purple shimmer.  The other colors are all great as well.  There is some slight fall out, so I tap my brush a bit to remove that.  Finally, I love how large the mirror is with this palette.  If you’re questioning whether or not to buy this, I would recommend it 100%.


Lip Gloss: For my lips, I also purchased the Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in the shade Peach Fuzz.  I am pretty picky when it comes to lip glosses, because I feel that they can be a real hit or miss.  I cannot stand when a lip gloss is so sticky that my hair gets stuck in it.  Too Faced really hit the mark with this product and I cannot say enough good things about it!  This lip gloss provides a great nude color and shine to your lips without being sticky at all.  This is exactly what I am looking for in a gloss.  Also, the packaging is so cute and the gloss smells like peaches.img_2290

Bronzer: This month I wanted to branch out from my usual bronzer and try something new.  I purchased the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in the shade Light Bronzer.  I am seriously in love with this bronzer and I will definitely be repurchasing it as a staple.  It smells so good, like a summer vacation.  Also, it is the perfect shade for me right now, as I am not as tan during the winter.  It gives me a great glow, but is not too overpowering.  In the summer, I think that I would need to go a shade darker, but for winter this color is perfect.  I also really love the mirror in the compact as well.img_2283


Foundation:  I usually go for a BB Cream, but felt that lately I have needed something with a bit more coverage.  I have rosacea and have noticed that I have been a bit more red than usual and the BB Cream wasn’t really doing the trick.  I purchased Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in the shade Medium Beige(842).  I get a little nervous with heavier foundations, but this product really put my worries to rest.  The foundation did not feel heavy, yet really covered my redness.  Also, I found it to be buildable.  I also love that it comes in a pump.  This shade matched my skin tone nicely for the winter, but I think that in the summer I will need to go up a shade or two.  The bottle states “all-day flawless coverage”, and I would have to agree.img_2278

Lotion:  Every year after Christmas, I always hit up the Bath and Body Works sale, and this year was no exception.  I decided to branch out and try some new lotions along with my tried and true.  Some new scents that I purchased and love are the Champagne Toast Sparkling Bellini and the Twisted Peppermint.  I love both of these because I can smell them all day after I have applied them in the morning.  Out of the two, the Champagne Toast is my absolute favorite.  It has more of a perfume smell and I catch whiffs of it going about my day and I really enjoy that.img_2291

Brushes:  For Christmas, I received three brushes from Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore.  I was excited to try some of their products because they promote quality products at an affordable price.  Their products are only sold at Walmart.  I received the Ultimate Powder Brush, The Ultimate Blush and Contour Brush, and the Ultimate Kabuki Brush.  These have been the best face brushes I have ever used.  I love how large they are, the base and the actual brush.  Also, they are so soft and fluffy.  I have noticed that my makeup application has improved when I made the switch to these brushes.img_2279

I hope you enjoyed hearing all of my favorite products from January.  I know that I love hearing and getting ideas from other people’s favorites.  If there was anything you loved in January and think I should try let me know in the comments below.  Also, if you decide to give one of these products a try, I would love to hear what you think!

New Year…New Books

Every year, I always hear people talk about the new year being a clean slate.  I have made a ton of goals for this year, but they are all about working up to the goal throughout the year.  I think that this will help me stay accountable and not feel so discouraged when I’m not working out every day, eating clean every day, and quitting drinking soda cold turkey. 😉  What I get most excited about each new year, is a clean slate for reading!  I have so many books lined up that  I can’t wait to add to my “Books I’ve Read 2017 List”.  Not a cleverly titled list, but hey, it’s practical. I thought today I would share with you what books I have lined up so far.


  1.  It’s Not Okay:Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After by Andi Dorfman
  2. Uninvited: Living Loved When you Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely by Lysa TerKeurst
  3. The Weekend Makeover: Get a Brand New Life By Monday Morning by Jill Martin and Dana Ravich
  4. The Red Hat Club by Haywood Smith
  5. Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again by Teresa Giudice with K.C. Baker
  6. Clam Wake by Mary Daheim
  7. Sisters by Danielle Steel
  8. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
  9. Magnolia Market by Judy Christie
  10. Secret Obsession by Kimberla Lawson Roby
  11. The Girl’s Still Got It: Take a Walk with Ruth and the God Who Rocked Her World by Liz Curtis Higgs
  12. Bookends by Liz Curtis Higgs
  13. The Perfect Marriage by Kimberla Lawson Roby
  14. Pretty on the Outside by Kate Kingsly

I’m currently finishing up reading Safe People: How to Find Relationships that are Good for You and Avoid Those That Aren’t by Henry Cloud and John Townsend and can’t wait to start tackling this list!  What books are you planning on reading this year?  Let me know in the comments below and I will check it out!  Have you already read any of these books?  Let me know what you thought!

I hope you have a wonderful 2017!

My Morning Routine

I am definitely not a morning person.  In fact, I will never be a morning person.  But none the less, my schedule calls for me to get up in the mornings and seize the day!  I have realized that I have a much easier time rolling out of bed when I have a consistent morning routine down.  Some days I have to roll with it, but most of the time I stick with my schedule.  Yes, I actually do schedule my routine into my day planner!  Here is a peek at what my morning looks like.

  1. Make a cup of coffee and grab a water.  I’d like to start drinking hot water with lemon before my coffee but I haven’t been able to get going without the caffeine yet!
  2. Read a chapter or two of my Bible, pray, and read a daily devotional.  I always try to make this the first thing I do (okay, besides the coffee).  I find that when I start my day with God it is a much better day.  If it’s a good day, it’s extra good.  If it’s a bad day, I feel like I can get through it with less anxiety and stress.

  3. Journal.  I journal for 30 minutes about anything and everything!  I work on another form of writing, usually for the blog, for another 30 minutes.

  4. Dishes.  Not my favorite chore, but loading/unloading the dishwasher first thing makes the house look so much cleaner.  Also, I will throw in a load of laundry as well.
  5. Get ready!  Shower, make up, the whole the deal.

My goal is to also add my workout to my morning routine.  I’m thinking about getting a gym membership and trying out some workout classes. I have been in a bit of a fitness rut and want to get back on track!

What is your morning routine?  Do you have any practices you want to start implementing in the morning?  Let me know in the comments below!

Life Lessons

Today while I was grocery shopping, I forgot my headphones in my car.  This meant I had plenty of time to my own thoughts as I strolled through the aisles.  I am reading a book that inspired me to think of some lessons I have learned that I apply to my everyday life.  Since I am in my mid twenties, I came up with 25 life lessons that help me to run my days smoothly.

  1. Never go shopping on an empty stomach, not to the grocery store or the mall.
  2. Take 5 minutes of each day to stop and really observe your pets.  They will bring you joy.
  3. Bring a jacket everywhere, in fact leave one in your car.
  4. Know how to put air in your tires and how to fix minor car issues (or know who to call when you can’t.)
  5. Have a go to “five minute” face.
  6. Go to bed earlier.  It really is true that nothing good happens after midnight.
  7. Be honest with yourself.
  8. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  9. Gossip less.
  10. It’s okay to lose old friendships and it’s okay to gain new ones.
  11. Talk to your siblings and parents at least once a week.
  12. It’s okay if you aren’t that close with your grandparents.
  13. Splurge on a good mattress.  You won’t regret it.
  14. Be open.
  15. If you’re so happy you feel like celebrating, then go celebrate.
  16. Know what will get you out of a slump.
  17. Know how to cook a couple of dishes.
  18. Always ask what you can bring when someone is hosting a party.
  19. Smile at others.
  20. Put your shopping cart in the cart return when finished.
  21. Get your exercise out of the way, you’ll be glad that you did it.
  22. Wake up earlier and establish a morning routine.
  23. Visit your local library at least once a month.
  24. It’s okay to not like texting.
  25. Limit your time on social media.


What are some of your life lessons?   Do you follow any of these?  Let me know in the comments below.

The Scents of Fall

Well, it’s officially fall and you guessed it!  I have my fall candles out and burning.  I recently purchased nine from Bath and Body Works. It seemed like a great idea as I was clicking away online but once the giant box arrived on my door step it was a little bit of a shock!  For me and my husband. 😉  I haven’t burnt all of them yet, but I can already tell which ones are my favorite this year.  If you’re looking for a good fall candle or two (or nine) here are my suggestions from Bath and Body Works and elsewhere!


  1. Leaves by Bath and Body Works
  2. Marshmallow Fireside by Bath and Body Works
  3. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte by Bath and Body Works
  4. Autumn in the Park by Yankee Candle
  5. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow by Bath and Body Works
  6. Pumpkin Apple by Bath and Body Works
  7. Autumn by Bath and Body Works
  8. Cranberry Mandarin Splash by Better Homes and Gardens
  9. Pumpkin Pie by Bath and Body Works


This post is not sponsored by Bath and Body Works and I am not receiving any compensation for this post.  I just happen to LOVE their candles!  I have actually never purchased any of their candles before but am so happy with them.  They burn really well and smell even better when they are lit.


What are some of your favorite fall scents?  Let me know so I can check them out!

Welcome to Delightfully Sour



My Husband and I

Hello there!  My name is Tayler.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love lists.  I think the best way to get to know me is for me to just list it all out there for you!


  1. I love candles.
  2. I am in my mid 20s and live in Indiana
  3. I have two cats named Snax and Mochi.  They are my babies.  Snax is a Torti and Mochi is half Siamese.
  4. I have been married for a little over a year.
  5. I love organizing and decluttering.
  6. I love coffee, coffee shops, adorable restaurants, etc.
  7. My favorite foods are pulled pork and salads (pasta salad, potato salad, macaroni salad…;))
  8. Halloween is my favorite holiday followed by Thanksgiving and The Fourth of July.
  9. I have decided to start this blog because I love reading blogs and wanted to share with you what else I love.


    Mochi and Snax

  10. Fall is my favorite season even though it doesn’t last very long in Indiana.
  11. I love Mountain Dew but am trying to drink more water.
  12. New York and Miami are my favorite places to travel to.
  13. I love going out to eat.
  14. I enjoy taking walks and riding bikes with my husband.
  15. I like hanging out with my parents.
  16. My brother and I talk on the phone in the early morning due to different time zones.
  17. I don’t enjoy cooking.  You probably won’t find any recipes here!
  18. I like taking classes to learn new skills.


    Brooklyn Bridge and City Views

  19. I’m not very crafty but like the idea of craft projects.
  20. I like buying presents for people.
  21. Few things please me more than buying new stationary.  Journals, thank you cards, post it notes.  Those are my jam.
  22. I was in a sorority in college and love giving back to a great organization.
  23. My husband and I both went to Purdue.  Boiler up!
  24. I am a night owl but in the process of becoming a morning person.  It’s been a little rough.
  25. I love reading and going to the library.

So there is a little bit about me.  Leave me a comment if you can relate to any of the facts about me!   Anything you want me to write about?  I’m excited to see where this goes!  Thanks for stopping by!